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May 3, 2014 11:00am PDT
people were hurt yesterday. russia's president vladimir putin is blaming the surge in violence on ukraine and the west as well. it's putting new pressure on the white house to find a way to force russia to withdraw. nbc's kristen welker is live for us at the white house with more this afternoon. kristen, first of all, what are president obama's options here? >> well, he doesn't have a whole lot of options, craig. the president has been quite clear that a military option is off the table. so right now the u.s. and its european partners are focusing on sanctions. they have so far implemented several rounds of sanctions, which have largely been targeted at individuals. on friday, president obama met with german chancellor angela merkel here at the white house, and the two made a pretty big announcement, which is that they had agreed to move forward with sectorial sanctions, if the crisis in ukraine worsens after the may 25th election. so i don't anticipate that we'll see any new sanctions prior to that. then a final decision will be based on what is actually happening in ukraine. this is sig
Apr 27, 2014 12:00pm PDT
. >> collectively us and the europeans have said that so long as russia are continues down the path of oh provocation rath arer than trying to deescalate there will be consequences. they will continue to grow. >> i want to bring in congressman engel, ranking member of the foreign affairs committee. just returned from ukraine. let's start with president obama. there is talk about consequences. what kind of consequence is he the talking about? what consequences do russia face? >> talk thing about sanctions. what putin is doing is dangerous. the world cannot sit by. if the world does, nato is dead. nato has to react. there are countries in the area that are worried about putin stirring up russians in the country. >> are are the stiffer sanctions which are going to take effect, can they change the calculus. >> iran is now sitting down and negotiating with the united states in the west. we imposed sanctions on them. the sanctions hurt their economy. they are essentially brought to your knees and russia will face the same if putin continues the aggression. >> you got back from the crew yan. i u
Apr 26, 2014 11:00am PDT
has imposed a fresh new round of sanctions on russia to take effect monday. nbc's peter alexander is in kuala lumpur with more. peter? >> reporter: craig, good day to you. president obama arrived here this saturday, the first american president to come to malaysia since lbj in 1966, nearly 50 years passing since that time. he was welcomed with a red carpet. he was greeted during a state dinner by the malaysian king, who thanked president obama and the americans for their continued support and efforts to find mh-370. that jetliner that's been missing now for more than a month, an investigation that's confounded folks in this country for that period of time. tomorrow, president obama will be a part of a news conference with prime minister in this country, where he's likely to be asked a series of new questions about the status of sanctions against russia. on saturday, american leaders alongside g-7 leadership insisted they will impose new sanctions on russia as a result of its failure to crackdown on separatists in eastern ukraine. the white house says those new sanctions could come
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3